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Sherry Miller Sabatino Lost A Furniture Store (She Wants It Back) Part 2

Recently, after Part 1 of Sherry’s story was posted on my website, she made contact, excited about finally having someone listen to her story, and write about it.

“Ally, I want you to write my book.”
“Sherry, I’m only 16 and I have to go to school.”
“No one else can tell my story like you can!”
“And after school I have track practice, and homework…”
“Ally, you can do it! You have to!”



The Donald Trump Post-Election Reality Show

What happens next, now that, “He’s Hired!”


“It feels unfair,” Chrissy Horansky told me, as she tried to allay the fears of a 16 year old girl regarding the consequences of an impending Donald Trump White House. As a best-selling author and decorated writer for The Huffington Post, and as an eminent spokeswoman for gender equality, Chrissy’s words were to provide an antidote to the feelings of helplessness I and certainly many other girls and women feel these days.READ MORE


Sherry Miller Sabatino Lost a Furniture Store (She Wants it Back)

“I’m broke. I can barely pay my bills. How would you feel?” I am sitting in a well-kept home off of Airport Road in the resort town of Destin, Florida. At the end of a long evening’s interview with Sherry Miller Sabatino, I think she is asking me a rhetorical question. But actually, Sherry is sincere, and she really wants to know how a 16 year old girl would feel about being 70ish years old and broke. How would anyone feel if they had heard her story?READ MORE